Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — Pre-Travel Checklist

So you’re heading off for a long-awaited vacation. Here are your No Worries Travel Agents’ Top Five recommendations for a worry-free trip:

  1. MONEY – Confirm your daily withdrawal limits to be sure that you can withdraw any cash you need pre-travel, and confirm a branch where you can trade the currency of the country you’re visiting BEFORE you depart. For real-time exchange rates we use
  2. FRAUD – Alert your bank and credit card company to dates of travel and destinations to ensure that you have access to funds during your trip, and help them to alert you to any fraudulent use of your accounts.
  3. CELL and INTERNET – Contact your cell phone provider to understand text and call capabilities during travel, along with a full listing of options for any travel packages that they offer. You may also want to consider secure internet options that help protect you while on-line, like
  4. CONTACTS – Provide your airline or cruiseline with contact information for any in-travel itinerary changes. Someone at home should also have emergency numbers for your trusted repair folk and neighbors so they can be prepared to help, if needed.
  5. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO – Review State Department and Center for Disease Control updates for any key facts you’ll need to know about your destination, along with the terms and contact numbers for your trip insurance.

Making travel worry-free. It’s what we do. 

Planning a trip? Contact your No Worries Travel Agent to book today at 408.440.2778 or


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