Meticulous. No Added Cost. Priceless.

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2023

I strongly recommend Dana Okamura for your next vacation! I am a veteran traveler and I take pride in planning a wonderful experience when we would travel. After meeting her, Dana has taken our experiences to a new level. I would not plan a trip without her! Most recently, when traveling to Playa del Carmen Mexico, she found the perfect resort within our budget, arranged top notch and safe transportation and she found the perfect oceanfront room. We have an upcoming river cruise in Europe, with Viking, and Dana uncovered a crack-of-dawn flight with a 4 hour layover in our itinerary from Viking. She coached me through the process of how to change our flights with no additional charges. We changed the flights to leave later and arrive earlier, by going direct with no layovers. Dana is meticulous in her planning and overseeing every aspect of the trip. Dana’s help adds $0.00 in cost to the trip and her help is priceless!

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