Simply the Best!

Reviewed on: 01 May 2023

It’s always a pleasure to work with Dana! She is always consistent, thorough, extremely helpful, great brainstorm partner and know everything. I love how she will Google something while talking to me if she doesn’t the answer to something I’m asking. We had a fiasco happen on our Hawaii vacation. I called her shortly after we arrived and sent her pics of our vacation condo. It was a Friday, 4 PM Hawaii time which made it 6 o’clock Bay Area time. She stayed on the phone with me to help me resolve the issue for about four hours or more. It was one of the most extraordinary efforts of any travel agent I have ever used to help resolve some thing before she went to bed, and I went to bed. after finding a solution, she checked in with us the next day to find out how our new location worked for us. It was at that point that our vacation actually started. When I think of Travel, when I think of working with someone who I know, can help me figure out any situation, I think of Dana.