Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — Monterey Re-Dux

“How does it feel to be a tourist in your own home town?”

Now there’s a question worth answering … Returning to Monterey for a very special reunion, we thought about things we wish we’d had when we were growing up along this iconic coastline.

Here are our top five:

Five – The best clam chowder is in the palate of the beholder.  Tastings are available as you make your way down the wharf. Our favorite is at Old Fisherman’s Grotto.

Four – Walking along the coastline is much improved now that the railroad tracks of our youth are nicely paved and beautifully landscaped walkways. Better yet, rent a bike and enjoy.

Three – Picnic spots have multiplied with great options from the wharf to the Coast Guard Pier and throughout Cannery Row.  Our favorite sandwiches still come from Troia’s Market.

Two – Since we weren’t of drinking age, we didn’t appreciate the option of enjoying a glass of wine on the outdoor tables at the Monterey Plaza Hotel but we can now 🙂

One –  Our all-time favorite Monterey re-dux. Cruising along The Asilomar at sunset was a favorite past-time, and is even better with the mini-cars available at the Portola Hotel.

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Enjoy. Book. Travel.



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