Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

No Worries Travellers often ask us about the least crowded time to visit the Disneyland Resort for the winter holidays.  Our answer? Well, if the goal is to avoid crowds, our favorite time to visit is the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend.

Why? Well … while the parks are all spruced up for the holidays, most folks have already returned home after their turkey-day visits with loved ones — leaving the parks completely festive, and relatively free of crowds.

We love seeing the themes of the season integrated into familiar park spaces and attractions. And, the special events are a magical start to get everyone into the holiday spirit.  When this time period coincides with Walt’s birthday on December 5th, look for some extra magic off the beaten park path. Be sure to ask Dana what she did at the celebration of Walt’s 100th birthday 🙂

You haven’t been? Wanna go? Contact your very own No Worries Travel Agent.

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