Notes for the No Worries Traveller –Small and Large Ship Cruising

17952713_752739094907619_7779432573369220827_nCruises offer the ease of unpacking once, while visiting multiple destinations.  When booking our No Worries Travellers’ ideal sailings, here are our top five considerations: 
1) Ship Size: The bigger the ship, the more passengers. Smaller ships tend to offer cozier, more community-like atmospheres, with intimate entertainment options. On larger ships, you may find a wider range of entertainment options and, with lower pricing, they can be more affordable.
2) Stateroom Location: Starboard or port-side can make a difference in your views, which change based on the direction you’re sailing.  River-cruising doesn’t typically lead to motion sickness, and a mid-ship stateroom can be the best place for a first-time ocean cruiser. 
3)  Cruise Line: Cruise fleets may have a range of ships, with some large, mainstream lines hosting smaller, cozier ships. Depending on size, your experience may still vary.  We like to consider the range of options that may be available within our clients’ preferred lines. 
4)  Cruise Itinerary: Larger ships require deeper waters. Smaller ships maneuver more easily in shallow channels and river waters. Ocean cruisers tend to dock in industrial ports, while river cruises offer dock-direct access to the city centers built on the world’s oldest and more remote ports in Europe, Asia and the Amazon. 
5) Itinerary Quality: Active pace and leisurely options are available on most itineraries, with no “Sea Days” when you’re on the rivers.  River and small-ship cruising are more intimate, but ships of any size do give you time to connect with fellow passengers and crew. Options outside of the U.S. may offer limited accommodations for travellers with mobility concerns. 
When considering your cruise options, contact your very own No Worries Travel agent to book the sailing that best suits your needs and expectations.
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Notes for the No Worries Traveller — Hawai’i’s Secluded Beaches

Many of our No Worries Travellers are seeking that perfect stretch of sand, and it’s always a good idea to be aware of hidden hazards in the sea, along with areas not to visit because of their cultural significance or “locals only” status.

Oahu’s Secret Beach is perfect for a secluded sunrise.

Here are four less travelled options offering some worry-free seclusion: 

Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii Island
Hawaii Island’s beaches are found along rocky shoreline of caves and cliffs.  Her beaches come and go with the tides based on lava flows and currents — while you keep your eyes open for these “pop-up” beaches, here’s another option that’s always there for you.

At Kealakekua Bay you’ll find the quiet, culturally treasured site of the Hikiau Heiau Temple. There is parking at the temple,  with spots to picnic and relax.  Listening to sounds of the surf, you can walk along the shore, rest under a tree or sit on the stony beach in the company of the local rock crabs.

Polihua Beach, Lanai
Most spots are Lanai are secluded — it’s only populated by 3,000 people with no traffic lights — but at the northwest tip of the island, Polihua Beach has even fewer visitors.

Polihua is on the other side of the island from most resorts, and you’ll need a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle to get there. Once you arrive, the views of Molokai from the fine sands are fabulous, and you can even see Oahu on clear days. The strong currents make this beach un-swimmable, so enjoy tanning along with the local green sea turtles.  Since they are endangered, mahalo for enjoying them from afar.  This site’s miles from anything, so bring plenty of water, and be sure to let your car rental company and hotel know where you’re going.

Secret Beach, Oahu
The Ko Olina Resort complex is between Waikiki and the North Shore, with a little beach that has a royal past. Secret Beach is a short walk for the resort hotels, and is a more natural experience than the manufactured lagoons you’ll find on the property. It is only accessible to resort guests, and its calm surf, tranquil swimming and general solitude were enjoyed daily by Queen Kaahumanu, consort to King Kamehameha I.

This property remains exclusive, with private property nearby — look for posted signs to stay within the public areas.

Waimea Beach, Kauai
The sunny west side of Kauai Island is dry, with road access to one of her least crowded coasts. The fine brown-black sand of Waimea Beach is great for  leisurely strolls, and you’ll have views of the island of Niihau across the channel. This is another beach where water conditions aren’t good for swimming — being near the river mouth makes the water murky, keeping away the crowds and luring in some of the local hungry, sharp-toothed fishies.

The lazy beach is near historic Waimea Plantation Cottages, with no real development other than the historic rural character of old Hawaii. Even Captain Cook appreciated her charms when he anchored offshore in January 1778.

Mike’s Maui and Oahu roots have given your No Worries Travel Agents ample time to explore Hawai’i and her islands.  We’re always happy to use our personal history and preferred supplier connections to book your No Worries Travel, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

No Worries Travellers often ask us about the least crowded time to visit the Disneyland Resort for the winter holidays.  Our answer? Well, if the goal is to avoid crowds, our favorite time to visit is the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend.

Why? Well … while the parks are all spruced up for the holidays, most folks have already returned home after their turkey-day visits with loved ones — leaving the parks completely festive, and relatively free of crowds.

We love seeing the themes of the season integrated into familiar park spaces and attractions. And, the special events are a magical start to get everyone into the holiday spirit.  When this time period coincides with Walt’s birthday on December 5th, look for some extra magic off the beaten park path. Be sure to ask Dana what she did at the celebration of Walt’s 100th birthday 🙂

You haven’t been? Wanna go? Contact your very own No Worries Travel Agent.

#YouKnowWeKnowDisney DLR Holiday

Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — Cruise Values

Sharing an Ancient Travel Agent Secret…this is WAVE SEASON.

In lay terms, that means that some of the absolute best cruise specials are available between now and January 31st! Don’t miss out — reach out to your very own No Worries Travel Agent for your very best booking options. Remember to follow No Worries Travel and @noworriestravelagent to be sure and catch what we’re posting there, too!




NOTES for the WORRY-FREE TRAVELLER – Tips for Air Issues

Our No Worries Travellers rely on our concierge service when air travel is disrupted, and we’re sharing key lessons we’ve learned over the years through booking worry-free travel for clients just like you.

When flights are changed, here are our FIVE top tips to avoid additional, uncessary trip disruptions:

1) Security Delays – With the increase in security measures across international airports, some of our travellers are taking longer than usual to go through immigration and customs. These delays can impact the transfer service taking you from the airport to your hotels. While transfer services monitor flight delays, they don’t typically account for flight changes, cancellations or lengthy wait times for customs. To help avoid missing a transfer, contact your transfer service once you land.

2) Air Strikes – No Worries Travellers benefit from our relationships with the premier providers of travel services. Air teams with our suppliers are typically notified several hours prior to labor strikes. We count on them to review all impacted tickets, adjust itineraries, and secure new flights with the least disruption possible to our clients.

We will contact you and advise of the situation and new flight information once we are notified, but you also want to be sure that your airlines are able to contact you directly.

To help ensure that you’re noticed about any air impacts in a timely manner, it is critical for you to provide your airlines with your personal contact information.  If you’re travelling in a group, all travellers should provide their contacts, too.

3) Air Schedule Changes – Airlines modify their schedules constantly. Almost daily, the teams at our preferred suppliers process hundreds of schedule changes. If a No Worries Traveller’s flight is changed, we receive notice and are able to advise you of the schedule change. We work with our suppliers to determine any available alternate schedules that are closest to the original schedule. Keep an eye out for all communications from us pre-travel and during travel to ensure you’re informed of impacts and resolutions related to your trip.

4) Missed Flight – If you miss a flight at your own expense (ie. late to the airport, don’t show up, etc.) you will automatically have the remainder of your flights cancelled under the same flight record number. When travellers do not arrive on time, they’re considered a “no-show” and the airline assumes they will be missing the remainder of their flights. Alerts to No Worries Travel and your airline are critical to avoid further unecessary flight cancellations and/or trip delays.

5) Flight Delay or Cancellation – When flights are delayed or cancelled, we are all truly 100% at the mercy of the airline. The airline’s representatives are in full control of re-booking your flight. You’ll want to be first to the counter to discuss your options in a friendly and calm manner. Again, the airline representative is in full control of rebooking the flight.

Impacts on Transfer Services:

Delayed: Transfer services monitor flight delays and should be prepared to pick-up at the new estimated arrival time.  However, we recommend an alert to them to be sure they are there to pick you up at your new time.  In a scenario where you have a forced overnight delay, we work to advise the hotel and transfer services. Keeping No Worries Travel in the loop is critical to help minimize further trip disruptions.

Cancelled: If the flight is cancelled, transfer services need to be contacted timely to advise of the new flight details. We will help with that, if you notice us, and you must also give them a call.

Our No Worries Travel commitment to our clients is that we book travel in a way that is worry-free. Sharing the best of our leisure travel experience, our signature concierge service to select destinations, is what we do.  

Enjoy. Book. Travel, worry-free. 

*These tips were inspired by Europe Express’ “Air Issues 101” and are provided as general reference. These tips may not be reflective of the experience of actual travellers or supplier practice.