NOTES for the WORRY-FREE TRAVELLER with Details on Sailing Worry-free from Costa Rica through the Panama Canal (With Updated Pricing through November 14, 2018)

PANAMA-PassagethroughPanama-HPPCruising the Panama Canal AND Costa Rica … worry-free.

Our No Worries Travellers are talking a lot about trips to Costa Rica and Panama — we’ve booked a few of those, and planned something extra special for you all to enjoy.

Take a look at the itinerary we’ve selected:


This cruise season typically runs from September through April, with the rainy season lasting from March through December. And options like our’s — with a full crossing of the canal through to Colon — are ideal.


Come find the natural and man-made wonders combined on this exotic Costa Rican and Panama Canal cruise full of bucket list places and activities.  Learn about the area from a local Naturalist on board, then take a Zodiac ashore and find rare experiences for yourself. Hike through Manuel Antonio National Park in search of its lovely beaches and abundant animal life. Soar high above the Quepos jungle floor as you zipline searching for such wildlife residents as monkeys, sloths, and toucans, then explore Golfo Dulce with some of the most intense rainforest landscapes in the world. Take a daylight transit through the massive Panama Canal, one of the world’s most stunning feats of engineering on a ship that lets you see it all.


Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Absorb Costa Rica’s magnificent biodiversity by adding a land package to your cruise. Venture to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, where 300-year-old trees and orchids form a spectacular backdrop to resplendent quetzals, tapirs, monkeys, sloths, and other rainforest residents. Or head to Tortuguero National Park, one of the most remote places in Costa Rica, known for being a primary nesting site of endangered green turtles. 


Quepos, Costa Rica
The former banana-exporting town of Quepos is your basecamp for a day of rainforest adventure. Take a walk along trails that weave up to waterfalls, or ride horseback to a beautiful jungle pool. A float trip through a mangrove swamp populated by monkeys, crocodiles, egrets, and herons is also available. Or you may choose a nature walk through Manuel Antonio National Park, with its lovely beaches, easy trails, and abundant animal life. 


Puerto Jimenez (Golfo Dulce), Costa Rica
Picture Jurassic foliage growing down steep hillsides all the way to the waterline, the hoots  of monkeys echoing through trees choked by orchids. Golfo Dulce is one of Costa Rica’s most biodiverse areas, where both the jungle and the sea brim with life. Explore the canals by kayak in search of javelinas, butterflies, and more bird species than in all of North America.

Located within a Nature Preserve of 50 islands, and part of Chiriqui Marine National Park lovely Isla Parida boasts magnificent beaches, one of which is over 1,300 feet long.  The crystal clear waters stay at 82 degrees year round and are filled with marine life. There are numerous hardwood trees like teak, mahogany, and eucalyptus, and fruit trees like mango, banana and coconut trees. Here you will be treated to Windstar’s Signature Beach Party on a secluded beach that faces the Pacific Ocean.


Balboa / Fuerte Amador, Panama
One of the entrances to the Panama Canal on the Pacific side, Balboa/Fuerte Amador was founded in 1519 and is a short distance from Panama City.  In 2012 Balboa was ranked #1 in Latin America in the category of world’s busiest container ports. Sightseeing highlights include the colonial homes, the Administration Building, the Goethals Memorial, the Prado, and the local handicraft markets of traditional Panamanian crafts.


Panama Canal, Panama
At nearly 48 miles long, on your transit through the Panama Canal you will enter three sets of locks that raise and lower the vessel 85 feet between the calm Pacific Ocean and the shimmering waters of the Atlantic. Your voyage features a daylight hours transit with numerous observation vantage points for outside viewing and comfortable indoor air-conditioned lounges. Expert onboard commentary enhances your journey as you watch the day to day workings of this bucket list experience. 


Colón, Panama
Explore the inner workings of the Panama Canal, head into the jungle to meet with Embera Indians, or take an aerial tram ride through the rainforest canopy. 
Cruise-Only Pricing from $ 1,999 pp — Limited Number of Staterooms Currently Available*
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Notes for the No Worries Traveller –Small and Large Ship Cruising

17952713_752739094907619_7779432573369220827_nCruises offer the ease of unpacking once, while visiting multiple destinations.  When booking our No Worries Travellers’ ideal sailings, here are our top five considerations: 
1) Ship Size: The bigger the ship, the more passengers. Smaller ships tend to offer cozier, more community-like atmospheres, with intimate entertainment options. On larger ships, you may find a wider range of entertainment options and, with lower pricing, they can be more affordable.
2) Stateroom Location: Starboard or port-side can make a difference in your views, which change based on the direction you’re sailing.  River-cruising doesn’t typically lead to motion sickness, and a mid-ship stateroom can be the best place for a first-time ocean cruiser. 
3)  Cruise Line: Cruise fleets may have a range of ships, with some large, mainstream lines hosting smaller, cozier ships. Depending on size, your experience may still vary.  We like to consider the range of options that may be available within our clients’ preferred lines. 
4)  Cruise Itinerary: Larger ships require deeper waters. Smaller ships maneuver more easily in shallow channels and river waters. Ocean cruisers tend to dock in industrial ports, while river cruises offer dock-direct access to the city centers built on the world’s oldest and more remote ports in Europe, Asia and the Amazon. 
5) Itinerary Quality: Active pace and leisurely options are available on most itineraries, with no “Sea Days” when you’re on the rivers.  River and small-ship cruising are more intimate, but ships of any size do give you time to connect with fellow passengers and crew. Options outside of the U.S. may offer limited accommodations for travellers with mobility concerns. 
When considering your cruise options, contact your very own No Worries Travel agent to book the sailing that best suits your needs and expectations.
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