Awesome Team & Customer Service !!!  You two are the best at what you do !!! So glad I chose you !!! I will definitely be a returning customer !!! Can’t wait to utilize all of your hard work !!! Thanks again for your continuous assistance & diligence !!!  Big Thanks again from the Evans Family ! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH !!!


AWESOME TEAM! – POSTED BY Excited Family, Long Beach, CA

Hi Mike & Dana. I  just clicked into you email and then into the review link just to see your customers respoonses. Well then I realized my response was prior to our trip. So, I anted to say again how awesome & relaxing our family vacation was thanks to you two! I couldnt have had a better trip! From our arrival & throughout the entire trip all of the nice surprises were wonderful! Thank you for remembering my husband & son’s birthdays while we were on the boat! You really made it happen for our 2015 family cruise vacation & I can’t thank you two enough! Keep up the good work! :-)) The Evans Family

Stress Free Planner!!! – Posted by Excited Family, Long Beach CA

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