Notes for the Worry-Free Traveller — You. Know. We. Know. Disney. And Dana’s tips got published!

In March, Dana was highlighted in a travel agent blog, recognizing her almost 50 years of Disneyland Resort experience.

In the words of the blog’s author, Mary Stein,  “…Believe me when I say that travel agents know more than Google when it comes to insider Disneyland info.”, and these agents, “…loaded my brain with amazing Disneyland insights.” To be picked as one of three experts was an honor.

Here’s the best from Mary’s interview with Dana:

“Always get the Disney Club Service when you stay on property. It includes a simple breakfast spread and bottled water and snack service throughout the day . . . Your client can save on meals that way. When [your client] goes to Disneyland, have them start at Tomorrow Land and work their way around to the right to go on every ride. Don’t worry about long lines. You’ll waste more time running around looking for shorter lines than you will waiting in line.”

Here are Dana’s comments on different age groups:

  • Parents with younger kiddos (1-5 years): Dana believes that Disneyland is made [to engage] babies. Like Disney World, Disneyland offers character dining (which is less competitive to reserve), and it can be reeeally easy to just skip toddler meltdown blues by zooming back to your on-site resort for an afternoon nap. Also, there’s tons of amenities for little ones at Disneyland.
  • Teens and teen groups: Even though Disneyland is a baby paradise, Dana doesn’t think that Disneyland is just for kiddos. “My kids are so mad because they haven’t been Disneyland for a long time. I’m bringing my 20 and 23 year-old daughters and their boyfriends.” Dana also plans trips for high school senior groups and sport teams. With its smaller scale, Dana mentioned that she feels more comfortable letting groups romp around more independently.

Dana also shared her thoughts on the optimal length of a trip to the parks:

  • Clients who only have 3-4 days of travel: A client can see everything Disneyland has to offer in a few days. So if a client [is deciding between Walt Disney World and Disneyland with] … less available time to travel, Disneyland might be a good bet.

When asked about the optimal length of a trip to the parks, Dana recommended the 3-day Park Hopper to be able to visit both parks on the same day. While four days can be more relaxing, adding that extra night also adds to trip costs for hotel and food, — when cost is a factor, we often recommend cutting trip costs by cutting that one night’s stay.

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Enjoy. Book. Travel.

*Original article posted on  in HOST AGENCY REVIEWS by MARY STEIN — and we appreciate her acknowledging our passion for making Disney vacations worry-free.


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